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My newest love. Brought to you by New Belgium Brewing, the Abbey Belgium Style Ale is something to swoon over. I know them for their Fat Tire ale that one of my ex-boyfriends was crazy over. I never was that much into it. But I have to say that I am soooo into this beer! It could be the flavor or it could be the 7% alcohol.

I’m alive. I might actually even post something this week.

So my little pink phone was refusing to hold a charge and so I decided I would branch out into the world touch screen phones. I got a HTC Hero. 

Ideally I would have loved an Iphone. People that have them love them. But we are with Sprint and I have to go with what options they have. This phone is far past my tiny brain capacity. I haven’t decided if I like it yet. I mean, I like the phone. It’s cool. It does cool things. I’m pretty sure if there is probably an app that will have the phone go the bathroom for me. Though I really want to find the app that will clean my house (if you know where this is let me know 😉 ).

What I don’t like is the idea now that I really don’t have much of an excuse not to get back to people, other than that whole didn’t have time thing. I mean I’ve got email access now. I’ve can check my blogs. I can check Facebook. I could Twitter if I could figure that app out. So at any given moment, someone hypothetically could get ahold of me. And I am pretty sure I am anit that idea. 😉

So this past Friday I attended FoodSnap. A photography conference just for people who like to take pictures of food. The speaker of the day was Lou Manna who wrote a food photography book I owned. The morning part was especially helpful, yet a little hard to swallow. We had to load a few photos Flickr and Lou rip them to shreds reviewed them infront of everyone. Mine got ripped, though at least all of mine were in focus, many were not. But you need a little shredding from time to time in order to grow!

The first photo from the conference is of Kathy Casey (whom I love her cookbooks) Gelee cocktail shots. I think this one was pomegrante and that is edible silver on top.
We also took pictures of things that weren’t food. Not really sure why, but I went with it. 😉

I love this flower. I have no idea what it is. If you know what it is, can you tell me?

This was some interesting bottle they had out.

So the In Laws are here, they have been since Friday, which is why you proabably haven’t seen me around. We’ve been having a pretty laxed trip, but today my awesome Father-In Law helped my husband plant plants and dig out dead bushes that had been there awhile.
Tomorrow they are doing the exciting job of adding bark/multch to the flowerbeds.

They did work. My Mother-In Law and I shopped. 😉
Look at my new cute Welcome Mat that I found for Fall. We got the last one in the store…took it from their display.

My Mother-In Law and Father-In Law had never had brioche. Oh my! I had to fix that as quick as possible. I made them some Pumpkin Brioche Snails. If you are wanting to make some yourself, you know where to go.

Do you have a dog? Have you ever smelled their feet?

My dogs, along with other people I know, smell like Fritos (If you have never smelled your dogs feet, go do so now). 😉

Which isn’t a bad thing per se. I like Fritos, but it gets me thinking.

My dog, who is as graceful as I am, tends to do things like step in her own pee or poop. Sometimes I see this and it gets cleaned off. Sometimes I am sure she steps on older poo which doesn’t stick to her, but you know it got on there. Therefore, I don’t see it and it stays on. She also steps in dirt, grass, a few bugs from time to time I am sure (murderer). And a whole bunch of other things I probably don’t want to know about. And yet, all these things combined together makes her feet smell like Fritos. Hmm. Perhaps I need to remind myself of this the next time I feel the need for a Frito.

Other than being rudely treated at Nordy’s the other day my life is pretty boring. Let us recap, shall we:

Physcial Therapy
Allergy Shots
A whole 20 minutes every other day on the recumbant bike
Physical Therapy exercises at home

Please refrain from being jealous.
But in more awesome news, the Bravern in Bellevue opens up on the 12th of September. If you don’t know, it’s SUPER high end shopping.
The first Neiman Marcus out this way. Can’t afford a darn thing in there, but it’s nice to look.
My love all all purses, Louis Vuitton is going in. Must admit that can be dangerous. 😉
Jimmy Choo. Hello shoes…meet my bad ankle. Lovely shoes, but luckily for me, most are way too high for this accident prone woman.
Sur La Table. We all know that this will do me in.
But the #1 store that will do me in is Anthropolgie. It’s my favorite. I must admit that it is my favorite place to shop. I kind of have an obsession over it. I even read blogs about it. I would say 80% of my wardrobe is from there. So yeah, that is going to be all sorts of bad.
Speaking of Anthro, here is my favorite sweater as of late from them. If you are thinking it is too hot out for a sweater, let us remember that I work in an ice rink. 🙂

In even less worthy news, these are my favorite things right now:

This is a wonderful magazine for every day eating. I am all about indulging in desserts but this helps for the rest of the eating. 😉

This skirt…but more importantly the polka dot sash that goes through the skirt. Too bad it is only 33cm long. A little too slutty, even for me. 😛

Had to go run errands in Mill Creek yesterday. Had heard some good buzz about Frost, the upscale donut place that just opened. Thought I would give it a try. The main buzz was about their Maple Bacon Bar. Which I must admit, every person that was in there ordered.

The Maple Bacon Bar was good. At first a little odd but then it became kind of additctive.

In the name of research I sampled several flavors. Bourbon Caramel Pecan. Thought it was okay…wanted more caramel and more bourbon. I tried the Southern Red Velvet. This was good. It’s a cake donut, which makes sense with cream cheese frosting in the middle. I tried the Salted Caramel, which was my favorite…that is the one I did more than sampling. 😉 There was some sort of Cherry and Almond one too. That was a little too almond extracty for me.

I still want to try the Pear and Caramel Fritter and the German Chocoate.

Mill Creek Town Center
15421 Main Street, Suite H102
Mill Creek, WA, 98012

(425) 379-2600

On a donut.


A Smokey Maple Bacon Bar….more on it later. No, I didn’t make it, just ate it. 😉