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The dog and I are currently competing for laziest member of the household today.
I did paint my nails in Essie’s Chinchilly so she might be winning (and not in the Charlie Sheen kind of way). Are you on the gray nail polish bandwagon?

So here I am in a trend I actually hate yet somehow got talked into buying….the skinny jean. Not completely sold on the idea yet.
This sweater goes way back. I think I bought it in 2002? I don’t wear a lot of jewelry with it as the sweater already has enough going on with it.

Shrit- The Gap
Sweater- Free People
Jeans- Khols
Shoes- Simply Vera for Khols
Purse- Coach
Watch- Tag Heuer

This is what I would call an errand running outfit. It kind of tried to be Spring a couple times this week and so out came the cropped jeans.

Sweater- Anthropologie (if you look closely it has little bees all over it)
Corset Top- Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans- Levi’s (bought at Khols)
Shoes- Payless
Handbag- Louis Vuitton
Necklace- Etsy (it’s got a little honey bee on it and says happy…you know, bee happy)

Yeah, yeah, I never post anymore. Other than food, I have a small love of all things clothing, usually from Anthropologie. Fridays I will be featuring (when I remember) outfits or things I really want but can’t afford in fashion.

Sweater- Anthropologie
Skirt- BGBG
Undershirt- Target
Tights- Nordstroms
Shoes- Naturalizer

Currently want (but needs to go on sale before I buy it):

I think Halloween is the only time of year when my dog wishes we had children.

Here she is modeling her lovely Land Shark costume. I couldn’t help it. Dressing her up amuses me. She actually doesn’t mind just the shark part, but she if highly anti the hat.

Besides the costume, I bought lots of candy, though this year I got stuff I don’t want to eat. 🙂 That wont stop me from eating it, but the intent was there. And really, isn’t that what counts? 😛

I so suck at keeping up with this blog. Now with carpal tunnel it makes it even harder to keep up with. So if you actually read my blog, I am sorry that I have been slacking, I really am going to try harder to keep this one up as well as I do my other blog.
This is an unusual fruit salad to say the least. I like to serve it at brunch. Most people are drinking mimosas and so they don’t seem to care that the melons are drunk, because they are a little tipsy themselves.
Yes, you do taste the vodka but not in a oh my God I so taste the vodka kind of way.

Drunken Melon and Raspberry Salad
½ cup orange flavored vodka
½ cup orange juice
1 TBSP sugar
1 small ripe honey dew melon, peeled, seeded and balled (if you don’t own a melon baller just cut into bite size pieces)
1 TBSP finely minced fresh mint
½ cup fresh raspberries

In a large bowl, whisk together the vodka, orange juice, and sugar.
Add the melon and the mint and use a spatula to combine the ingredients.
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside at room temperature for 1 hour.
Fold berries in at last minute when ready to assemble.

That is how I started my first post of my other blog, Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. That one seemed to do okay, so I figure, stick with what works.
If you are a reader of CCBP then you should know that this blog will be a little different. For one thing, it will not be updated as much as Culinary Concoctions, most likely just once, maybe twice a week. There is no baking or sweets. Some of the photography will be horrid, as restaurant lighting is less than what I desire and I often just use my point and shoot. But the recipes I do make at home will hopefully be decent photos. 🙂
The blog is also broken up into categories:

Restaurant Highlights-I don’t say review because really I am only showcasing the restaurants. I’m not a critic nor do I play on on this blog. I will just be writing what I had to eat and if I liked it or not. I’ll let you know how the service was the day I went and would I go again.

Brews-day– These posts will all feature a recipe using a regional beer. From Rouge to Red Hook to Scuttlebutt(not too far from me!) we will explore how to add a little “hop” to your menu using beer.

Restaurant Recreation-Often I eat something at a restaurant and feel the need to run home and try to make it. Sometimes I try to make it as true to what I think they did to it in the restaurant and other times I do to the recipe what I think could make it better(usually bacon is involved :P).

Northwest Nosh-Recipes. Either my own or from a Pacific Northwest cookbooks.

Northwest Happenings– Festivals, farmer’s markets…and pretty much everything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

So there you have it. What will be Northwest Noshings. I hope that you will learn to love the Pacific Northwest just as much as I have as we tour our way through all the bounty that it has to offer.