I’m Peabody. Yep, that is my first name…go with it.
I love food. I have always loved food. More importantly, I have always loved sweets. Almost every great memory in my life can be traced back to food in some form or manner.

This blog is nothing like my other, more popular blog. It’s mostly about me, food, hockey, and my pets. Nothing too exciting. There is no baking on here like CCbP. The recipes that do appear on here are savory and tend to represent the Pacific Northwest.

When I am not writing my little blog the likelihood of me being at a hockey rink is very high. Not only do I score keep hockey, I play it, with guys. I score keep to get money to play hockey. 😉 So needless, to say, I have a cot at the rink.

Peabody in a nutshell:


Husband, Crazy Cocker Spaniel, Little Fuzzy Bunny, Most of my Family 😛

Fall/Winter, Snow, Gray Skies, Drizzly Rain
Hockey: playing or watching
Calgary Flames
Red Vines, Swedish Fish, Whoppers, Almond Roca
Big Red Soda, Stewart’s Key Lime Soda, White Wine, Good Beer, Green Tea, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Hot Chocolate (with marshmallows)
Bread Pudding, Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting, White Cake with Buttercream Frosting
The smell of clean sheets, cookies baking, my dogs feet (they smell like Fritos), my husband’s shirt at the end of the day (a non-yard work day preferably 😉 ), vanilla
Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Yatzee, UNO
Alternative, Punk Music
The Big Bang Theory, Top Chef, Project Runway, Gossip Girl (hangs head), Private Practice, Dancing with the Stars (hangs head again)
Shawshank Redemption, Amazon Women on the Moon, Two Weeks Notice, Princess Bride, Pretty in Pink, Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars


Summer, Hot Weather, Direct Sunlight (no, not a vampire)
Basketball (I suck at it and watching it bores me to tears)
Detroit Red Wings
Good N’ Plenty, Black Licorice
Watered Down Beer (Coors, Bud, etc)
Desserts that the make spicy (like the trend with chilies in chocolate)
The smell of dog poo on my shoe (thanks Crazy Cocker Spaniel), fake cherry smell, nursing homes
Candyland (I have played it too many times with children…and they cheat or throw a tantrum), Phase 10 (again, had to play this with nephew and nieces for hours)
Uber country songs, rap
Almost every show my husband likes
Raiders of the Lost Ark movies, Harry Potter Movies, Lord of the Rings Movies

I think that is enough info for you now.

(Crazy Cocker Spaniel)

(Little Fuzzy Bunny)

(Me and the world’s pickiest eater…who doesn’t eat soup?)