Now let’s set the record straight first off, those are not mine. I have far better taste in underwear for starters. Second, I know where my underwear is at all times (and so should you).

This past Saturday I met up with some friends of mine at Daniel’s Broiler. It’s an upscale steakhouse here in the Seattle area for those who aren’t from around these parts. We had a fun/slightly mischievous night and let’s just say that it’s a good thing they gave us our own room. 😉

After dinner we decided it would be a good idea to hit the restrooms before we left…and to hold true to the cliché that women go to the bathroom in numbers.

My friend A started laughing which isn’t a usual reaction in a bathroom. We went over to look at what was so funny. In the stall was a pair of striped panties hanging out of the trash receptacle.

I, always having my camera, felt that it was totally picture worthy to remember the night by.  And so I took a picture. I must say we were quite interested in knowing the story behind the missing panties and the speculation of about how they got there made for some good conversation. 😉

When we left I was trying to show off my new photo to my friend J’s finance and one of our waiters (oh how we tortured the waiters that night…don’t worry, we tipped 30%). I couldn’t find the picture and so I  thought I accidentally deleted it.
I was encouraged to go and take another one. So I went back into the bathroom. Only one person had come in while we were out in the hallway, a very…very…very drunk woman. And she left.

When I went back into the stall the underwear had been moved!!! Moved all the way to behind the toilet. Ummm.  Who moves some one else’s used underwear????

Needless to say it was quite an amusing end to an already amusing night.