For almost the last 4 years, we have been a one car family. My husband always took the bus to work and so when our lease was up on our second car we decided to be nice to the enviroment and just go with one car.

At first we lived close enough to the park and ride that he would just walk to it (unless it was super rainy). This got my husband exercise each day, which was a nice side benefit.

But then we bought a home. It was near a park and ride…sorta. But to get to it he would have to walk down a super busy road. And so, I got up every morning to take him and went every evening to pick him up. Amazingly enough, there were only a few times in those years that we really needed two cars. We just made it work.

But last Monday my husband started a new job. He left the juggernaut that is Microsoft to go to a smaller company. No, he wasn’t laid off (thank goodness), it was all of his own free will. It became quite apparent though that taking the bus was no longer going to be working out.

So off to buy a new car we went. We already owned a Ford Focus and it has been a great little car for us. And so we decided to get another one. This one is quite different than our first car. That one doesn’t even have power locks or windows. Our new car has Sync, which takes some getting used to but is kind of nice. It plays my Ipod. We have Sirius (which I big puffy heart). It has bluetooth and just knows when someone is calling, which is needed since we aren’t suppose to use our phones in the car in the state of Washington. No one seems to follow that law, but at least I can now. 😉

Yes, I get the drive the new car while he commutes with the older car. 😛  Though I must say that between learning all the new stuff that the car does and all the new stuff that my phone does my brain is ready to explode. I must say I am doing better with the car than the phone. The phone does far too many things.


In unrelated to car news, my desire to bake and photograph is out the window right now. I had a paying gig last week and am now tired of taking photos. Hopefully this will pass quickly so that I can you know, run my blog.