So my little pink phone was refusing to hold a charge and so I decided I would branch out into the world touch screen phones. I got a HTC Hero. 

Ideally I would have loved an Iphone. People that have them love them. But we are with Sprint and I have to go with what options they have. This phone is far past my tiny brain capacity. I haven’t decided if I like it yet. I mean, I like the phone. It’s cool. It does cool things. I’m pretty sure if there is probably an app that will have the phone go the bathroom for me. Though I really want to find the app that will clean my house (if you know where this is let me know 😉 ).

What I don’t like is the idea now that I really don’t have much of an excuse not to get back to people, other than that whole didn’t have time thing. I mean I’ve got email access now. I’ve can check my blogs. I can check Facebook. I could Twitter if I could figure that app out. So at any given moment, someone hypothetically could get ahold of me. And I am pretty sure I am anit that idea. 😉