So today was the annual trek to the Pumpkin Patch.  Though we are Burb people, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by local farms. So we have lots of options. This year we decided to go to the one that is down the street from our house. It was nice and low key. They don’t have as much stuff as the other people, but that is fine by us, because all we want are some pumpkins.

Normally I drag my poor husband through the majority of the patch because I am looking for obscure colored pumpkins. Last years prize was finding this bright, almost neon yellow pumpkin.

But this year for some reason I wanted to stick with traditional orange. We also got a large pumpkin, which never do either. My husband was less than appreciative of that idea. But at least this year we were smart enough to get a wheel barrow. 😉

This is the turkey that I made very, very angry. I think I dredged up bad feelings when I commented that I wouldn’t be eating him tomorrow. For though tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my husband is not big on turkey, so we go the chicken route. Speaking of Canadian Thanksgiving, I hope those of you who celebrate it have a nice one. Be sure to watch the Flames game. 🙂

They had Apple Cider Slushies. Even though it was cold out, I really needed one of those. So my hands got frozen and so did my brain, but it was worth it. Super duper tasty.

And here the pumpkins are safe at home. Although I am not sure how safe, as two of our pumpkins were taken last year.  But this year we are home for Halloween, last year we were at hockey, so hopefully  my pumpkins wont go bye-bye!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!