So this past Friday I attended FoodSnap. A photography conference just for people who like to take pictures of food. The speaker of the day was Lou Manna who wrote a food photography book I owned. The morning part was especially helpful, yet a little hard to swallow. We had to load a few photos Flickr and Lou rip them to shreds reviewed them infront of everyone. Mine got ripped, though at least all of mine were in focus, many were not. But you need a little shredding from time to time in order to grow!

The first photo from the conference is of Kathy Casey (whom I love her cookbooks) Gelee cocktail shots. I think this one was pomegrante and that is edible silver on top.
We also took pictures of things that weren’t food. Not really sure why, but I went with it. 😉

I love this flower. I have no idea what it is. If you know what it is, can you tell me?

This was some interesting bottle they had out.