Even Crazy Cocker Spaniel has a bad hair day. Here she is pictured with Little Fuzzy Bunny, who is none to happy to be posing for pictures. Which is why there are always more puppy than bunny pictures.

The front yard is done. Here is a little bit of it. If you are saying what changed, there used to only be those three large bushes. We tried to add some color to the yard. And more importantly, colorful plants that are hearty. The hubs and I have black thumbs. Here’s hoping they make it. 😉

The In-Laws have left and life is sort of getting back to normal. There is large amounts of laundry to ignore  do. Fun stuff like that.

I am however working on winning the lottery so I can buy this dress. Swoon. I keep telling myself it would look horrible on me.


As always though, if you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, you know where to go.