Awhile back now a reader had asked me about coming to Seattle and eating at a restaurant that possibly had a room for just two people. I had remembered someone saying that Canlis, a Seattle favorite, had such a room. That reader had such a wonderful experience there I convinced my husband we needed to do it.
The Cache as it is called there has wonderful views of Lake Union. It holds 2-4 people and was perfect for our 5th anniversary evening. It is not cheap, the room rental alone will run you $150. But it is yours for the night and you can linger there as long as you like. You also have your own personal server. Our service was spectacular. If you are looking for a unique or special dinning experience I highly suggest it.
Then of course there was the food. Both my husband and I had three courses and shared dessert. If we weren’t so full we would have gotten each our own…which in retrospect I should have as my husband loved it more than I thought he would and he ate a lot of it. He now also wants me to make him peanut butter ice cream. My husband can’t really pick a favorite he loved all of his (beef ribs, oysters and steak). I loved all of mine too (pork belly, parsnip soup, salmon) but the soup was my favorite. I love the flavor combos they had going. And, I already told you how yummy the dessert is.
I am sure it will be several years before we go back to the private room, it really should be for special occasions. But I can definitely see us going to just the restaurant. One warning though. This restaurant was built in the 1950’s and in a way still has a 50’s attitude about dress code. They want the men in suits and ties, or at least sport coats. Women dressed sharply. They say that you can never be overdressed there. To prove that point I saw a man in a tux and a woman in a ballgown dinning in the main dining area. My husband was not all that happy to have to wear a tie, but I loved it. I love that they still embrace that going to dinner is an occasion and one should dress for it.

The view from our table.

Braised Beef Short Rib
cilantro pesto and red chili demi-glace

Pork Belly
endive and apple salad

with red wine mignonette

Parsnip Véloute
Bosc pear, Cremini mushroom and hazelnuts

Filet Mignon 
market vegetables and fingerling potatoes

Pacific King Salmon
potatoes, parsley, and preserved meyer lemon

banana and caramel filled doughnuts, molten milk chocolate, and peanut butter ice cream



2576 Aurora Avenue North 
Seattle, Washington 98109