Before ever moving to Seattle I knew of Tom Douglas. He is to this day what I think of when I think of classic Seattle cuisine. His restaurants are some of the first I recommend to anyone coming to town asking where to dine.

(Creamy tomato soup, brown butter croutons)

I have never had a meal I didn’t like at any of his restaurants…and boy does he have a few. Having a craving for the homemade doughnuts with jam I convinced my husband to make the trek down to Seattle one day for lunch. Palace Kitchen is my favorite of all his restaurants but Dahlia Lounge runs a close second….and they are open for lunch(PK is not…boo). So off to Dahlia we went.

(Hanger steak cobb salad, Oregon blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, soft boiled egg, green goddess dressing)  

A simple lunch of Dahlia potato loaf grilled cheese and Tom’s tasty tomato soup for my husband, I too had a bowl of the tomato soup….and like the name it is tasty. I had the Hanger steak cobb salad, Oregon blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, soft boiled egg, green goddess dressing which was good but a little heavy on the pepper that day. I have had it before without the pepper issue. Still good though.

(Tom’s world famous crème caramel) 

For dessert, the real reason I went there we shared the doughnuts. You MUST have the doughnuts when you go there. They are really one of the reasons we were given taste buds. Oh, just thinking about them makes me want them! I also tried Tom’s world famous crème caramel  just because I have passed it up so many times before. It was good though I am not sure it what makes it world famous, it was just your typical crème caramel…sorry to say that Tom. Again, still good. If however you are a coconut pie lover I am told that he makes THE best coconut cream pie. I have had it. It is my favorite of any coconut cream pie I have ever had…but I am not a huge fan of coconut cream pie. If you don’t have room for dessert, the Dahlia Bakery is right next door to the restaurant and you can take home yourself a little treat.

(Doughnuts with seasonal jam(ours was strawberry) and mascarpone)

Dahlia Lounge

2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121