When my friends and I can’t ever seem to decide where to eat we usually fall back on our default place, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. This highlight is of the one in Kirkland, they have two other locations, one in Woodinville(wine country) and downtown Seattle(where there is a tasting menu after 3pm).
I must say that on the day I went I was a little disappointed to say the least. It was so unlike Purple. And even though that day was less than stellar I am still choosing to highlight the restaurant because it does have a good track record with me.

When I go I usually end up getting appetizers instead of an actual meal(though I do love the lobster mac and cheese they have). This time out was not exception. My friend J and I split some baked brie with apricot preserves, caramelized onions, candied walnuts with grapes and crackers(pictured above). That was good and up to the usual standard.

Then came my other go to, bacon wrapped scallops in a huckleberry port sauce. As you may recall I recreated the recipe(though using blackberries). If you go and look at mine compared to theirs, mine look a whole lot better! What I got that time around were cremated scallops. I was so very sad. I should have sent them back but didn’t, I am sometimes was too nice.

For dessert I had the Southern Peach Cobbler with Spiced Bourbon Ice Cream. J had the Blackberry and Lime tart. Which she said tasted good but I could not get past how they just threw it all together. So much so that I ranted about it on my other blog and made my own blackberry and lime tart just to show them how it was done.
I have since been back and had no issues. So I am hoping it was a fluke. As it is one of my favorite places to sit, throw back some wine(okay, a lot of wine) and eat some good grub.

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

323 Park Place
Kirkland, WA 98033
P 425.828.3772