(Beet and Goats Cheese Salad with Zesty Lemon Dressing)

Not having children of my own and no longer teaching school has left me in a yearly predicament. No Girl Scout cookie source. Many of my friends have children but most are just infants and toddlers. So when I was whining about that, my friend B said she could order me some. Yay! I would not be deprived of Thin Mints.
When the cookies came in we decided to meet for lunch so I could pick up my cookies and we could catch up.
She suggested the Oriel Cafe in Kirkland, WA.
I looked it up on line and thought, oh yes, lets.
I arrived slightly early as I was coming from the north. They seated me and I ordered tea. I wasn’t asked if I wanted sugar or anything and wasn’t brought any. Strike one. B had to come from Seattle so she was a tad behind(you just never know with traffic here).
When B arrived she too got tea, but upon seeing that there was no sugar on the table, was smart to ask….and got some.
It’s a strange little place. It tries to be upscale but then has white plastic chairs. K, another friend of mine said that her and her husband just can’t seem to get past the plastic chairs. I must agree it is out of place.
I ordered the Candied Pecan and Apple Salad. B ordered a breakfast burrito without the tortilla, sausage or cheese…she wanted it made into an omelet. She is very Sally of When Harry Met Sally(self proclaimed). They were more than willing to do this for her. Plus one for them.
Then our food came. Both looked great and we began to eat. My salad was colorful and I was too busy talking to notice that I was not actually eating what I ordered. Too be honest this never really occurred to me until I got home and was doing photo editing. I am sure they would have made me another salad…but still…Strike Two for them. The saving grace was that my Beet and Goats Cheese Salad was excellent. Excellent enough that I didn’t seem to notice the wrong order. Plus one for them.
Upon walking in I saw a woman order the tiramisu and I made a mental note to order that for dessert. I did. It was fabulous. Plus one for them.
Service was terribly slow and we had to flag down our waiter/waitress(we were passed off a few times) to get what we needed…and to pay the check. Strike 3 for them.
Now since I enjoyed the food, I will go back. Every restaurant as far as service goes can have an off night. So I am willing to give it another try…and I will.

The Oriel Café

129 Central Way
Kirkland WA 98033
Ph: 425 822 7319