That is how I started my first post of my other blog, Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. That one seemed to do okay, so I figure, stick with what works.
If you are a reader of CCBP then you should know that this blog will be a little different. For one thing, it will not be updated as much as Culinary Concoctions, most likely just once, maybe twice a week. There is no baking or sweets. Some of the photography will be horrid, as restaurant lighting is less than what I desire and I often just use my point and shoot. But the recipes I do make at home will hopefully be decent photos. 🙂
The blog is also broken up into categories:

Restaurant Highlights-I don’t say review because really I am only showcasing the restaurants. I’m not a critic nor do I play on on this blog. I will just be writing what I had to eat and if I liked it or not. I’ll let you know how the service was the day I went and would I go again.

Brews-day– These posts will all feature a recipe using a regional beer. From Rouge to Red Hook to Scuttlebutt(not too far from me!) we will explore how to add a little “hop” to your menu using beer.

Restaurant Recreation-Often I eat something at a restaurant and feel the need to run home and try to make it. Sometimes I try to make it as true to what I think they did to it in the restaurant and other times I do to the recipe what I think could make it better(usually bacon is involved :P).

Northwest Nosh-Recipes. Either my own or from a Pacific Northwest cookbooks.

Northwest Happenings– Festivals, farmer’s markets…and pretty much everything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

So there you have it. What will be Northwest Noshings. I hope that you will learn to love the Pacific Northwest just as much as I have as we tour our way through all the bounty that it has to offer.